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Coupon Suzy is a website designed for couponers. Whether you are a single mom on a tight budget or a project planner trying to maximize your money, you could benefit from using a site like CouponSuzy. They offer insight on local coupons, online coupon codes, downloadable coupons, and much more. All you have to do is explore the savings there to put extra money in your pocket every month. Here is a look at how the site works so you can determine if it is a site for you. Features

There are several sections of CouponSuzy that you could utilize when you shop. The front page of the site acts as the hub for printable coupons. You can narrow your search for those coupons using the finder on the site, and then all you have to do is virtually clip the ones you like. The next section of the site offers a list of local coupons, which are only valid in your area. The next section features their savings card, which offers exclusive deals for people signed up as members on the site. For online shoppers, the site offers a full set of coupon codes that you can use for web-based purchases. Finally, the site has a section for recipes so you can truly put your savings to good use.

Using CouponSuzy

coupon suzy1If you think you want to use the site, you should first take a look around the site. That will give you a feel for the different venues you can go through for savings. Once you have an idea of how the site navigates, you can start exploring it in more detail. Look at the daily deal in the upper left corner of the home page, as that is usually the best savings opportunity around. If that doesn’t work for you, you can start narrowing your coupons by category, brand, or location. Then you should be able to develop a list of savings that you would probably be able to use.

Extensiveness of Coupon Suzy

Coupon Suzy is one of the largest databases for coupons on the web. The site may look simple in terms of design, but it is complex when it comes to the amount of opportunities you have to choose from. No matter what you like to buy or where you like to shop, you can benefit from the website for your couponing needs. The economy isn’t going to improve any time soon. You might as well take advantage of the savings as they come up.

Featured Articles

In this Coupon Suzy Review, we’ll look at a number of the features of the website, and also a number of the advantages you may be able to count on.

Coupon Suzy Printable Coupons can be utilized wherever coupons are accepted. All you have to do is print them off the website, and then you could take them to a nearby retailer to cash in your savings.

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  • Anonymous

    Have you ever used Please share your comments here.  

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  • Pdyer1944

    All the websites have the same coupons. I wish they were different.

  • PrintableCouponSites

     Hey, thanks for commenting. If you are looking for a specific coupon, we are happy to find it for you.

  • guest

    my computer isn’t letting my print coupons! it says it has downloaded the software but nothing is printing.. i’ve tried 5 times!! i even tried switching the USB! uggghh how can i fix this???

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  • Mamaslittlekaden

    I need cupons for pull ups can anyone help me with that

  • PrintableCouponSites

    Hey, I will look for a coupon for you for pull ups. Ill email you as soon as I find them. :)

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  • Bajamagpie

    it worked just fine the first couple of weeks.  now the coupons will not print for about 2 months!  everything else i use on the internet prints with no problem — the problem is ONLY with coupon suzy!

  • Stamping279

     I found one last week but it’s gone this week  it was on

  • judy

    with the cost of foods going up every time you turn around it helps to get coupons you can use in the supermarkets, to bring your food bill down just a little bit    thank you.

  • PrintableCouponSites

    Hey Judy, thanks for taking the time to read our blog and post a comment. We’re happy to help you out. 

  • Cgclapper

    go to the pullups website they usually have coupons. just fill out the mailing list and they usually get them mailed to you in a couple of weeks.

  • Cgclapper

    Can any one tell me how i can get a savings card? i seen some deals on the site under savings card. but i don’t have one, and can’t find out how to get one.

  • Tlmch


    I often only want the coupon for Chex cereal, but you have it blocked saying “print limit reached” when I haven’t even checked anything else  off. I’m about ready to stop getting your coupons. I’ve written a letter on the topic, with no response or explanation.  What poor business practice!

  • frugalshopper

    Great article, will save me some money.  :)

  • Chassidy

    yes ofcourse

  • Sally Renner Thomsen

    Fingers crossed, hope u work w/ me Coupon Suzy! Please and thank you. <3 :D

  • Judy Parish Caylor

    it would be nice if you could e-mail the pass word. as some people don’t have a cell phone. I have been trying to get this issue solved for months, thank you