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Are you “krazy” for coupons? Do you drool at the thought of a 50% off sale? If so, you may want to check out Krazy Coupon Lady. This coupon blog is devoted to savings at all levels, providing you with the tips you need to become a true maven in the couponing world. Whether you’re a college student looking to save on school supplies or a single mom trying to make ends meet, you could benefit from looking over the features of this site. Listed below are a few of those features that you may enjoy on

Krazy Coupon Lady: Couponing Tips

One of the biggest aspects of KrazyCouponLady is the set of tips you can find throughout the site. There is an entire section of the blog devoted to beginners who want to start couponing, and there is a separate section to show avid couponers how to turn into extreme couponers. The two founders of even wrote a book about their couponing adventures titled “Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey.” If you are just starting out in the world of couponing, the tips in this book and on the site should be all you need to succeed.

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Krazy Coupon Lady: Printable Coupons

We love printable coupons around here, and the Krazy Coupon Lady has plenty of them. You can search the site by store to find specific coupons you may use, or you can look into the weekly deals the owners are promoting. If you don’t want to pay any money at all, you could also look into the Freebies section of the site. That is where all of the great deals are that won’t cost you any money to take part in. no matter how much you want to save, you should be able to start doing so with a crazy lady coupon.

Krazy Coupon Lady: Brag Lounge

If you’re already a crazy coupon lady and you’re looking to share your expertise with other people, you can become a part of the Brag Lounge. This is the section of the site purely devoted to savings self-praise. You can tell other people about an awesome deal you got on a purchase, or you can log on to support other people on their couponing journey. There is a true sense of community on this site, and you would find that outside of If you want to truly call yourself a couponer, you need to give this site a try.

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The Krazy Coupon Lady Blog is one of the best ones online, mainly because it is run by two ladies who define “extreme couponing.” Whether you are a new to couponing or a seasoned saver, you can benefit from reading over The Krazy Coupon Lady. Here are some examples of the information you may gather if you look around the site.

Learning How to Use Krazy Coupon Lady will not take a lot of time at all. When you learn how to use this great site, you’ll be able to unleash the many savings this website is offering. Here’s a brief help guide that will take you step-by-step through this popular coupon blog.

Setting up your Krazy Coupon Lady Binder is an easy process, and it’s a must before you even think about diving into couponing. To be an expert couponer, you must organize your coupons properly to make sure they are easy to use. Here is a guide that will explain what you will need to do to successfully organize your Krazy Coupon Lady binder.

The Krazy Coupon Lady Database is enormous and is full of great coupons. No matter how often you use coupons or where you live, you can find coupons you love on the Krazy Coupon Lady database. To make sure you get the most out of this great coupon database, read this step by step guide that breaks it all down for you.

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